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My first children’s book came about when my daughter asked me to draw her a princess. I was excited at the beginning but then felt increasingly heavier feeling as I went on. “She has beautiful hair, and beautiful eyes, and a beautiful dress…”

I was reminded of the other day when my daughter asked me to play princess and knight. “What does the knight do?” I asked. “He fights,” she told me. I then asked her what a princess did, to which she just responded, “She looks beautiful!”

So, as I was drawing this princess, I felt as if I, too, fell into the same limiting narrative.

What Does a Princess Really Look Like? Book Cover

I started the picture over, and this time I talked about how the crown meant that this princess was a decision-maker. Her arms were strong because she was a fighter. Her firm voice reflected her authority…

“What Does a Princess Really Look Like?” came out of this interaction. In the story, a girl named Chloe creates her own princess and makes a similar discovery. I’m so glad to share this book with boys and girls everywhere!

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